Thrive Handy Massager 110V-240V


COD: 2578-MV-X8100 Categorie: ,
Hand massager Hoguseru stiffness comfortably at any time. vibration of the handy type that it is easy to use (Vibe) type. It is convenient to use and easily by connecting to an electrical outlet. (strong, weak two-stage switching) switch.
Function: 2 Speeds Patterns
Color: White
Size: 28.3 x 6.2cm/11.1 x 2.5 inches
Power: AC 110V-240V
Net Weight: 0.39kg
Material: ABS + TPR
Package: Color Box In English
Further: Touch Control LCD
What Include: 1*Vibe
Package Size: 34.5*6*6.5CM
Peso 0.45 kg


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