Locking Wrist and Ankle Spreader Bar With Cuffs


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Imagine not only having your partner\’s wrist and ankles bound together, but being able to spread their legs wide open. With the Locking Wrist and Ankle Spreader Bar you\’ll be able to have instant, easy access to all of your partner\’s holes. The cuffs are made of a comfortable and sexy leather material, while the spreader bar is a cool metal that will pull their legs apart. Bend them over standing up, fuck them doggy-style, or use your imagination to get them into the most vulnerable position. Use a vibrator on them, pound them deep with a strap-on, or have your way with them in any way you choose.

Color: Black/Red
Material: PVC(Faux Leather)/Real Leather
Wrist Size: 25 * 5.5 cm/9.8\” * 2.2\”
Ankle Size: 30 * 5.5 cm/11.8\” * 2.2\”
Bar Length: 50 cm/19.7\”
Package: Bag

Peso 0.5 kg

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