Chastity Device Lancelot Diamond Tube


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The Houdini Ceeehrome-Plated Chastity Device Lancelot Diamond Tube (with 2 rings)
 Love the look of metal? Then this chrome tube is just what you need for restricting your man. When combined with the chastity cage rings, you have a way to keep your man‘s cock locked in tight and secure. Just place your man‘s flaccid penis into the cage and use the ring and padlock to lock him in tight. As you tease and please him, the tube will restrict his erection.
The cage is made of a tube and attached fine steel cables on the top. The open tube measures 4.25\” in length and 5\” in circumference (1.5\” in width).
The diameter of the ball ring have 5 Size:
38 mm/1.5 inch (S)
40 mm/1.6 inch (M)
42 mm/1.7 inch (L)
45 mm/1.8 inch (XL)
50 mm/2.0 inch (XXL)
Peso 0.45 kg

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